About Us

Official Clearnet URL: JustOnion.directory

Official URL (v3): JustDirs5iebdkegiwbp3k6vwgwyr5mce7pztld23hlluy22ox4r3iad.onion

Our E-mail: [email protected]

Just Onion is a project for everyone who is discovering and exploring hidden services online. Unlike other search engines, we only display onion directories, websites with listing of onion sites.

We monitor hidden services regularly. Any hidden services, if they are directories, are eligible to be listed on our website.

As there are many directories existing on the onion sites, we act as a directory aggregator and provide a search portal in a structured list to make deep web browsing easier.

Just Onion creates snapshots of hidden services regularly. If the hidden service is offline, you can still visit the historical records of the hidden service using our snapshot service.

Our website does not use JavaScript for the core functionality. You do not necessary to switch on JavaScript. You can switch off the JavaScript in your browser setting to protect your privacy.

Just Onion is free to use and accessible to all. Listing and indexing is completely free of charge.

Just Onion isn't responsible for illegal content hosted on the darknet and/or any misuse of its public free services.