What is this programme and who this is for?

As you know we are one of the fast growing deepweb / darknet directory search engine which already indexed thousands of working links. We help millions of darknet users to find what they searching for. All what we want is to spread our brand name worldwide on the clearnet. So for this purpose we need your help! So if you are a blogger, YouTuber or a site owner you are eligible for this programme! The only requirement is, you are at the same niche. Your YouTube channel or website must be talking about deepweb / darknet.

What you want to do?

This is a simple question. If you are a blogger all you have to do is write and article about us and publish. If you are a YouTuber, you can make a video about us! If you are a site owner, you can add our banner!

How much I will earn?

Good question. The payment rates is negotiable. If you are YouTuber, your earning is determined by your YouTube channel subscribers. If you are Blogger / website owner, your earning is determined by the daily traffic of your blog / website.

How I withdraw my earning?

Ok. First you need to work on one of the above spreading method and send us real proof. Ex: YouTube video link, blog post link. And after we clearly make sure you done everything correcly, we will directly send your earnings to your bitcoin (BTC) address, ethereum (ETH) address or monero (XMR) address.

How can I contact you?

Alright. After you worked on any of the spreading methods mentioned above, it's time to send us your workings. Write us an email including your proof and your bitcoin, ethereum or monero address. If you are not eligible for the payout due to any reason, we will inform that to you. Our official email address: [email protected]